The engagement ring is more than a gift, it expresses the love of a man and his decision to tie his life with his partner. We are happy to take on the challenge and realize our unique handmade jewelry with which you can proudly ask for your love's hand. Last but not least, you will be happy with our prices. If you like to make a quick decision, you can choose engagement ring from our range, and we can gear to the right size within an hour. If you want a diamond engagement ring, you are in the best position because you can choose from hundreds of diamonds that are certified by HRD International Antwerp Certified. Our goldsmith workshop is directly linked to the store so we can quickly adapt to different needs and individual orders.

I'm József Szalma, goldsmith master. I have been making jewelery since 1973, and I wish that you will enjoy the joy that will be given to you and your loved one by the gift of a unique jewelery. Gifting the engagement ring is a moment in our lives that we have never forgotten. I am pleased to undertake the idea of young people, my experiences are not only guarantees quality, but also a great help in the design and selection of the perfect ring. The imaginary ring or any jewel that is made by hand should not only be beautiful, but also comfortable and timeless; The goldsmith's word is a beautiful expression of the beauty of manual work, because a handmade jewelry combines these qualities. I take the orders with the greatest professional obsequious, welcome: Sz. József.

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